Tryouts are held in the spring for all *eligible 5th, 6th and 7th grade girls for the following year.  In addition to grade eligibility, each girl must be able to attend mandatory summer practices and camp in addition to the weekly  practice after school until 5:00.  Unexcused absences, including detention, are not tolerated and are grounds for dismissal.  During tryouts, judges not affiliated with St. Jude School evaluate the auditions.  The number of squad members from each grade is decided on by the scores submitted by the judges, the Administration and Cheer Sponsor.

Tryouts are closed to all spectators.

Each cheerleader will be responsible for all costs associated with being a member of the cheerleading squad, which is approximately $500 for the year.  This includes camp fee, camp wear, cheer gear, and uniform rental.

Each cheerleader must be able to cheer for all pep rallies, football, girls and boys basketball games and tournaments decided on by the sponsor.  Only a girls basketball player is excused from cheering for girls basketball games.

To support our athletic program all cheerleader parents/guardians will be expected to work concessions at games and our tournaments.  If a circumstance arises where you are unable to work, you will need to find your own replacements for your scheduled day.

*Eligibility:  Please refer to the Student Standards section of the handbook.

The final decision as to who is chosen will be made based on multiple criteria including but not limited to:

  • Tryout scores
  • Experience and dedication
  • Grades/Conduct
  • Number of girls who tryout

PLEASE NOTE:  No single criteria guarantees selection to the squad


The fee for each student interested in cheerleading is $85.