The Pre-K instruction follows the academic standards developed by the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

St. Jude creates a unique early childhood educational program focused on developing the whole child for success. The program is based on the premise that preschool children learn best when positive and caring relationships are established, when they receive assistance and guidance, and when they are involved in active exploration of their environment through both child initiated and teacher selected activities.

Academic Programs

In language, students are introduced to letters, sounds, positional words, pre-writing, story sequencing, same/different, compare/contrast, and vocabulary. In math, students are introduced to numbers, shapes, colors, patterning, counting, number order, writing, graphing, more/less and measurement. In science, students are introduced to plants, animals, human body, five senses, dental health, weather and space. In social studies, students are introduced to school rules, families, community helpers, various holidays/cultural traditions and celebrations. All core curriculum skills are presented to students through whole group and center activities. All Pre-K students participate in French once a week, where they are introduced to numbers, colors and basic environmental words.

Our Teachers

The Pre-K teachers meet with kindergarten teachers on a regular basis to discuss curriculum and pacing necessary for success at the next level. Teachers collect data from small group instruction, observations and ESGI assessment data.  On average, 96% of all Pre-K students have the skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten. Students who attend the St. Jude Pre-K program are familiar with the school environment, faculty, and expectations. They establish friendships, are familiar with the rituals and routines of a classroom setting, and develop a strong academic, physical, emotional and spiritual foundation. All Pre-K students are paired with a 7th grade Mass buddy that models proper Mass behaviors, and a 6th grade reading buddy to showcase and foster a love of reading.