We are pleased to offer Jr. Beta Club- a National Service Organization- as an extracurricular option for our students!

Eligible students are invited to join the Jr. Beta Club at the beginning of their seventh or eighth grade year based on their 4th nine weeks averages from the preceding year. A student must have a 3.25 overall average or better. The GPA shall be computed as follows: No C, D, or F is allowed, other than a C in Honors Math.  Students must receive an A or B in conduct.  Enrichment grades will not be used in calculating averages.  All invited members will be inducted unless they choose otherwise. Probationary periods are calculated each nine weeks and are based on academic and disciplinary conduct.

If a student receives a C (other than in Honors Math), he/she will be placed on academic probation for one nine-week period.  If academic requirements are not met by the end of the next report card period, the member will be dismissed from the club.  Receiving more than one C, or any Ds or Fs in any subject will result in immediate dismissal from the Jr. Beta Club.  A member will also be dismissed is he/she receives a C or below in conduct or if extreme misconduct necessitates this measure.  A student may remain on disciplinary status for only one nine-week period while at SJS.

A student on academic probation or disciplinary status may not hold club office, attend rally or convention, or be recognized at official ceremonies.

Our Beta Club sponsor is Mrs. Brandi Bowen.

Service Hours

“Let Us Lead By Serving Others”

Students are required to complete 6 service hours per year. The Beta Club encourages students to exceed the 6 hour requirement, and to serve their community in new ways. A service should be free of charge to the community, to a non-family member.

Service Project ideas that you could complete on your own:
  1. Provide service for elderly neighbors
  2. Volunteer at a local nursing home, hospital, or library
  3. Participate in events for charity organizations
  4. Help with community clean up from natural disasters.
  5. Help a teacher before or after school
  6. Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  7. Send cards/supplies to the military