The philosophy of the boy’s basketball program is to introduce basketball to boys, beginning in 3rd grade and continuing through 8th grade. In learning and practicing core individual skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, guarding, conditioning, discipline) and team roles (positions, plays, guarding techniques, bench support), boys will be prepared for competitive basketball at St. Jude.

The 2018 Boys Varsity Basketball Tournament hosted at St. Jude will take place February 22nd-25th.  CLICK HERE for tournament schedule.

Boys 6th-8th CSAA League Schedule

Boys 3rd-5th Developmental League Schedule 


The fee for each student eligible to play basketball is $85.


Basketball Tryout Policy 2017

Medical Release/Parent Contract


Boys in grades 3rd-5th are able to play on a developmental team regardless of number of athletes playing.

Boys in grades 6th-8th will tryout for placement on a Varsity team.  Junior Varsity teams will be established upon athlete interest.


Team practices are called by our coaches and will be communicated via email.

Intramural Basketball

Click HERE for the registration form which is due December 8th, 2017.

The intramural basketball program at St. Jude is offered to Pre-K- 2nd graders. The program will provide grade level based instruction on the game of basketball.  This instruction will include introduction to the rules, conditioning, individual skills, and team aspects of basketball.

Boys and girls play together to form teams and play a series of games on Saturday mornings in January-February in the St. Jude gym and lasts approximately 6 weeks. There are no additional practices. The emphasis is on participation and fun, and parents are encouraged to get involved!  Please contact Trey Willoughby  for any questions.


The fee for students interested in playing intramurals is $35.


Team t-shirts are covered with the entry fee and will be distributed on the first day of game play.  The students can wear any shorts and sneakers.


All Pre-K- 2nd graders are eligible to play intramurals which includes soccer in the fall and basketball in the winter.