Computer Labs

St. Jude the Apostle is pleased to offer our students two state of the art computer labs- one designated for elementary students and the other for middle school. Our labs boast 47 PC’s, (each with internet access), 3 laser printers, and 2 scanners. Computer is offered through enrichment for all students- Grades PreK thru 8.

The younger children use the computers to improve hand-eye coordination between the mouse and monitor. We also utilize software that teaches recognition of colors, shapes, and letters as well as specialized spelling and reading programs. Curriculum in our 3rd and 4th grade classes is focused around typing skills.

Middle school students master the programs within the Microsoft Office Suite, and begin using the internet as a resource. 7th and 8th graders complete projects in digital photography and use Open Source software to edit photo and audio files. St. Jude has nine digital cameras, one flip video camera, one ELMO Document camera, and one Sony Camcorder available for use during their projects.
Each lab is also equipped with a Smartboard.

Other Amenities

Outside of the computer labs, there are five traveling laptops available for student use. Around our campus you will also find six Starboards, eight wireless tablets, Webcams, and GPS Handheld devices which our faculty incorporate into applicable lesson plans.

Lastly, St. Jude is equipped with the Qwizdom Interactive Response System. These handheld devices give our teachers the ability to poll the students with a multiple choice question and receive an immediate graph on their computer with the percentage of correct answers. The teacher is then able to judge if the class has mastered a particular topic and is ready to advance, or if more time needs to be spent on the subject matter.