Participation Standards



Students who elect to participate in extracurricular activities must remember that in doing so they are accepting the responsibility of maintaining acceptable behavior at all times. Through their participation, they represent the total enrollment of our school.

Students who participate in school-based sports must be cooperative with coaches and may be removed from the team by the Program Director should a serious incident occur during a sports related activity.

Disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated. Players should be on time, attentive, and cooperative during all practices and games.  Players should be respectful of his teammates, never criticizing another  player’s mistakes or ability.  Any violation of this rule during practices or games could result in suspension from play.

Should disciplinary problems arise concerning a student involved in extracurricular activities, a conference will be scheduled with the parent in order to determine if continued participation is in the best interest of the student.  Although we set guidelines for eligibility requirements, the final decision in this matter is left to the discretion of the Principal.


If a student is absent or checks out due to illness, he may not participate in a practice or game that afternoon or evening.  If a student checks in by 11:30, he may practice or play in the game that day.  If a student checks out for an appointment, he/she may only practice or play in a game that afternoon or evening if he/she presents a doctor’s excuse.

When a child is checked out for a doctor’s appointment, the child should be returned to school as quickly as possible.  We discourage excessive scheduling of doctor’s appointments during the school day.  The School Administration reserves the right to remove any student from school-sponsored sports eligibility should a serious incident occur during the school day or at a sports or school related activity, whether on or off St. Jude’s campus.


Because participation in extracurricular activities requires additional time after school and away from academic preparation, it is necessary for parents to consider this aspect when allowing their child to take part in after school activities.

In accordance with St. Jude policy, the minimum academic requirement is an overall grade point average of 2.25.  The GPA is comprised of all academic courses and the average of the enrichment grades (no F’s in academic subjects will be allowed).  Prior to the first progress report in September, the fourth nine weeks grades for the preceding school year will determine player eligibility.  A student transferring in from another school may be put on probation based on the principal’s review of prior academic performance at the preceding school.  If the student fails to maintain these requirements, he/she will be put on probation for one grading period (a grading period is determined by progress reports and report cards).  After the probationary period, if a student again fails to meet the academic requirements, he/she will be suspended from the team.  A student on academic probation may continue to practice and play with the team.  If the grade requirements are not met and the student is removed from the team, they may no longer participate in any practice, game or team function.


Weekly Conduct Grade

All players are expected to maintain a grade of 80 or above on a weekly basis in conduct.  The conduct card weekly grade will be checked every Thursday at 3:30 to determine eligibility.  If on Thursday the conduct grade has fallen below an 80, the student will be placed on probation for one week.   If on the following Thursday, the conduct grade remains below 80, the student is subject to suspension, upon review by the principal, from any games, practices or team functions until the grade has improved to 80 or above and the student has been removed from disciplinary suspension.

Although the overall conduct grade minimum is 86 at each grading period, (see below) the 80 allows for students who “have a bad week” to have a chance to bring their grade up and remain eligible.   Decisions concerning play eligibility will be determined on Thursday afternoon and inactive time will begin at 3:30 PM on Friday until 3:30 PM of the following Friday (or in the case of the Christmas Holidays, the first Friday once school resumes after the Holidays).

Report Card / Progress Report Conduct Grade

The conduct grade average, reflected at each grading period (i.e. progress report or report card) must be a minimum of an 86 “B”.   (No ”F” in conduct will be allowed).   Any student who does not meet this requirement will be placed on disciplinary probation and has until the next grading period (i.e. progress report or report card) to improve this grade.  The grading period requirement is in addition to weekly conduct grade reports.

This discipline code will be in effect for games, tournaments, etc., or whenever the team is representing St. Jude School.