6th Grade Team:

Ava Riley A.

Mary Dawson A.

Ella B.

Isabella C.
Lyndsey D.
Haleigh K.
Caroline L.
Sydnie M.
Alex M.
Sadie W.

7th Grade Team:

Sarah A
Ann Marie B
Izzy B
Megan B
Camila C
Caroline D
Presley F
Estelle M
Molley M
Amelia W
Julia M

8th Grade Team:

All girls who tried out made the team!

The philosophy of the girl’s volleyball program is to introduce girls to volleyball by focusing on individual skills and the team facet of the game, while providing consistent and stable instructions and coaching. In learning and practicing core individual skills (bumping, setting, spiking, serving, blocking, conditioning, and discipline) and team concepts (positions, defensive strategies, and bench support), girls will be prepared for competitive volleyball at St. Jude. Members of the St. Jude Girls Volleyball program are encouraged to participate in and are provided information on additional camps, clinics and leagues.


The fee for any girl eligible to play volleyball is $85.


The following forms are to be submitted with fees:

Medical Release/Parent Contract

CYO Volleyball Form


  • 5th grade teams play in the Developmental program.
  • 6th-8th grade teams play in the CSAA league.