Core Knowledge is an idea that for the sake of academic excellence, greater fairness,
and higher literacy, elementary and middle schools need a solid, specific, shared core curriculum in order to help children establish strong foundations of knowledge, grade
by grade.

Click here to visit the Core Knowledge website and see a sample of core knowledge sequence.


For Students
  • Provides a broad base of knowledge and a rich vocabulary
  • Motivates students to learn and creates a strong desire to learn more
  • Provides the knowledge necessary for higher levels of learning and helps build confidence
For the School
  • Provides an academic focus and encourages consistency in instruction
  • Provides a plan for coherent, sequenced learning from grade to grade
  • Promotes a community of learners — adults and children
  • Becomes an effective tool for lesson planning and communication among teachers and with parents
  • Guides thoughtful purchases of school resources
For the School District
  • Provides a common focus to share knowledge and expertise
  • Decreases learning gaps caused by mobility
  • Encourages cooperation among schools to provide quality learning experiences for all students
  • Provides a strong foundation of knowledge for success in high school and beyond
For Parents and the Community
  • Provides a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school
  • Encourages parents to participate in their children’s education both at home and in school
  • Provides opportunities for community members to help obtain and provide instructional resources